Gymnast with Hula Hoop

Athletes Performing At Any Level

  • Increasing Focus During Performance

  • Enhancing Peak Performance/Flow

  • Promoting Mental Well-being

  • Supporting Retirement from Sport

  • Stress Management Strategies

  • Developing Coping Skills

  • Mental Skills Training (i.e. self-talk, imagery)

  • Performing Under Pressure

  • Simulating Competitive Environments

  • Promoting Self-Confidence

Field Hockey Players


  • Support During Transitions (Age Groups, College, University, Moving & Studying Abroad)

  • Mentoring

  • Preventing Burnout

  • Effective Time and Energy Management

  • Stress Management Strategies

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Developing Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Controlling Performance Anxiety

  • Developing Pre-Performance Routines


Coaches and Support Staff

I believe that coaches are performers in their own right; coaches and staff can face enormous pressure, time-constraints, pressure to deliver, and family pressure... so the following are some areas I can provide support:

  • Building Trust with Athletes and Staff

  • Increase Confidence

  • Handling Adversity

  • Building Effective Coach-Athlete Relationships

  • Preventing Coach Burnout

  • Clarifying Your Coaching Style/Philosophy

  • Developing and Emphasising a Winning Culture

  • Coaching Behaviours

  • Optimising Effective Feedback

  • Promoting a Motivational & Mastery Training Environment

Gymnast on a Wooden Bar

Sport Parents

Assisting parents with the following:

  • Encouraging Sports Participation for your Son/Daughter

  • Maintaining Healthy Motivation for your Son/Daughter

  • Building Effective Communication Routes with your Son/Daughter about their Sport

  • Self Care Strategies for Sport Parents

  • Effective Time Management as a Sport Parent

  • Effective Conflict Management

  • Increasing Confidence in your Son/Daughter

  • Preventing Burnout within your Son/Daughter



Assisting referees with the following:

  • Effective communication with players, coaches and parents

  • Increase assertiveness

  • Handling conflict on the pitch/court

  • Managing anxiety and abuse

  • Performing under pressure

  • Increase confidence as a referee

  • Self care away from refereeing



Lacrosse Team


The interaction between team members are an essential part of group dynamics and the ability to learn about one another for the greater good of its members. The following are just some examples of the concepts explored:

  • Building Team Cohesion

  • Clarifying Individual Player Roles within a Team

  • Promoting Leadership Skills within Key Players

  • Enhancing Team Motivation

  • Team Bonding Activities

  • Developing Team Goals for the Meso or Season

  • Promoting Effective Communication between Players and/or Units on the Pitch/Court

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