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Handling Performance Setbacks

Errors and mistakes in sport tend to produce a variety of reactions among athletes. These reactions include the good (trying to learn from them and using them as motivating factors), the bad (thinking superstitiously about them), and the ugly (losing emotional control and allowing the setback to affect your performance). The successful tennis coach, Brad Gilbert, coined the phrase “winning ugly” to describe the strategy of grinding out results by doing what you have to do in order to secure a victory. From this, Kremer and Moran (2008) coined the term “losing ugly”… Losing ugly is the worst way of reacting to errors and mistakes because it regards them as highly personal signs of inescapable

Top 5 Must Reads

For those who are looking for material to read in order to learn more about sport psychology, I’ve chosen five books (in no particular order) that have really helped me in my own development: #1 Black Box Thinking According to Matthew Syed, there is “something deeper and more subtle at work, something that has little to do with resources, and everything to do with culture” when people commit the same errors again and again and again. These errors have “particular trajectories, subtle but predictable patterns” (signatures) that can be avoided by open reporting and honest evaluation. It sounds simple but learning from failure has the status of a cliché. Even so, a failure to learn from crucial

Achieving Balance as a Student-Athlete

Balancing your training, academics, family life, and social life can seem a pretty daunting task when you look at everything you are trying to achieve, but it all comes down to priorities. With some organisation and sacrifice, you can successfully maintain a solid training programme, whilst still being able to eat well and achieve well academically. This might mean skipping ‘Hey Ewe’ on Wednesdays whilst your friends get wasted, and having to make that early morning trip to the supermarket on a Saturday whilst your friends lay in with a hungover… but how much you want to achieve success in your sport depends on what you prioritise as most important to you at the time and what you are willing

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